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AK07210_The Tide at Sunset

This photographic image is printed onto canvas and then a clear resin is applied with smooth pebbles to give extra depth and effect to Mike's work. In doing this, each picture has its own unique identity!

Now available in 2 sizes!!!

In fact it looks so fabulous you just want to get up close and touch it! 

Please note: this is a special order item and may take approximately 3 weeks to be delivered.


Price of canvas only £135.00

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Mike Shepherd

Artist profile

Mike Shepherd

Mike Shepherd was born in London 1964 and took up photography on his 16th birthday. A Lancaster University graduate, he came out with a first class honours in Eastern art and architecture, going on to teach photography, digital imaging, and digital art at the same uni. After this, he embarked on his now full time career as a landscape photographer, where he is strongly influenced by the American landscape monochrome tradition.

I treat my discipline as an expressive art within a social context. Photography is a means of communication and dialogue as well as one of creative endeavour. I favour simple symbolic compositions, and chose locations and times in the Landscape which emphasise moments of beauty, intensity, and meaning.