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Running With The Tide (FP1413) Spring Shore (FP4512) Evening Sail (FP4412) Three Boats In The Harbour (FP2313) Camping With Ewe (FP11811) Doodle Dive (FP4613) Hide And Seek (FP912) AKO 7213 She Sleeps in the Sand AKO 7530 Hope AKO 5800 Under the Umbrella AKO 7894 Across the Stream AKO 7802 Winter Central Park Detail AKO 8421 West Bretton AKO 8488 Canalside Sunburst II Stag - FP11816 Husk of Hares l Triptych - AKO8966 AKO 9023 River Boats Thames AKO 9027 Beyond the Thames Barrier AKO8999 - Autumn Bronze
Against The Tide (FP1212) Sunrise Over The Island (FP1713) Spring Bloom (FP4312) Waiting For The Tide (FP3012) Walk The Plank (FP11210) Doodle A Heart (FP4713) Snorkel In The Harbour (FP9212) AKO 7442 All I Have to Give AKO 7519 Where Angels Hide AKO 5801 Walking with Umbrella AKO 7906 Balancing Act AKO 7803 New York City Lights Detail AKO 8420 Whitby Highland Moo In The Snow - FP12116 Hare ll - FP11916 Husk of Hares ll - AKO8973 AKO 9026 View Across Canary Wharf Yeadon -AK09278 AKO9020 - Dormir
Still Waters IV (FP1312) Secret Cove (FP1813) Sails Beyond The Foxgloves (FP2013) Baa Watch (FP4213) Sheep Shape (FP4413) Fetch The Ball (FP1012) Hot Dog And A Flake (FP9312) AKO 7216  Perfect Fit (small) AKO 7520 One of Us Must know AKO 7214 Golden Bowl II CAG 033 Tide Turning St Ives Harbour AKO 8486 Canalside Sunburst Panel AKO 8419 Osmotherley North Yorkshire Highland Moo - FP11716 AKO8439 Hope Orchard Purple Hope AKO 9064 Port Isaac Ballo Forest, Perth & Kinross - AK09021 AKO 9225 Perfect Fit (large)
Still Waters V (FP1412) Coming Around The Point (FP4812) Jostling For Position (FP3812) Canoe With Ewe (FP4313) Teaching Ewe To Swim (FP4513) My Stick (FP812) Ewe Smugglin? (FP5013) AKO 7215 A Thousand Miles AKO 7564 She Sleeps in the Sand (Med) FCB15614 Baa'rd Street CAG 049 Porthminster Beach AKO 8422 Clifton Downs AKO 8487 Canalside Sunburst I 3 Stags - FP11616 St Ives Harbour - AKO9024 AKO 8860 Quayside, Bayard's Cove AKO 9065 St Ives (sml) Skipton -AK09258